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KICK SCOOTY (2429) is among the best kick scooters available in the market. Kick scooters are mainly designed for kids, but this one can be used by adults too.

This scooter is very nicely made and has an aluminum body. The scooter weighs only 14 pounds and is perfect for any kid to handle. The scooter is also very rigid and strong and so an adult can also use it without any worries.

The scooter has a height adjustable handle. The height can be adjusted anywhere between 36 inches to 39 inches. So, this is a perfect one for a growing kid. Even the maximum handle height is perfect for an adult to ride on it.

The length of this scooter is 37 inch and width is 5.5 inch which makes it perfect to handle and even you can put both your feet on the scooter. The base of the scooter is also 4 inch above the ground. So it can easily avoid the little bumps on the road. To stop the scooter, you need to use your feet to step on the brake on the rear wheel. There is no handle brake which is a bit


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